How did Vasaloppet actually go this year?

Claes Kalderén

Some at Racefox were on the tracks while others stood in the booth in Mora. In the latter, we had a competition that eventually involved 400 skiers testing their ability. The goal of the competition was to pole as close as possible to the Ski Power that was required to reach their goal. The winners of the competition won a Rottefella Move Switch binding in the mail!
There were quite many that did great results during the Vasaloppet week. We recieved a lot of mail and feedback especially from the Öppet Spår skiers that, with help from Racefox, improved a lot.

The weather conditions were very tough this year during the main race at Vasaloppet. Despite this inconvenience, we still noticed considerable improvements with our Racefox users. The best skater in the world, Tord Gjerdalen, came fifth and Erik Wickström came 72nd. As usual, Erik had a Ski Power around 610-615. You can also check out what your performance was in the app, under "My Race".

Ski Power is a reliable value meter for how good your skiing technique is, and can be used to predict your end time at, for example, Vasaloppet. Read more at


Here is an idea of how our users have been performing from year to year.