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With Racefox, you get a personalized coach who understands your strengths and weaknesses, keeping track of your training journey and making sure each session takes you closer to your goal.


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How it works

The world’s first real-time digital coach for runners and XC skiers

Racefox uses a chest sensor to see how your body moves, providing in-the-moment feedback for improved performance and reduced injury.


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Whether you’re new to running or have several long races under your belt, Racefox adapts to where you are in your journey as an athlete and grows with you as you develop. Are you a race runner with a bum knee? No problem.

The intelligent coaching in Racefox Run sees your strengths and weaknesses and coaches you based on those. Explore the areas below that correspond to who you are as a runner and see how the Racefox Run coach can help you with your unique training.

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The free Racefox Tryout gives you a better idea of how Racefox can help you improve the way you train. In this 15-minute exercise, Racefox will perform an analysis of you as a runner and provide insights such as:

  • Real-time feedback on how you’re running
  • Easy-to-understand summary screens of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Projections for future races

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