Wow… 43mins To Spare

It’s 06:17 on Friday morning and here I sit with a fluffy fleecy dressing gown on and cup of tea cooling down on the arm of the sofa. I’ve got a some pasta boiling away in a pan in the kitchen and that right there is the most dire mistake I can make. Put pasta on high, leave to blog. It’s a fatal combination of ridiculousness, forgetfulness and stupidity knowing full well that in about 90 minutes time I’m going to have published my drivel onto my blog and then be standing in the bathroom applying my makeup, checking my phone, replying to messages, getting preoccupied with those little products shoved in the back of the containers in the cupboard and thinking about the boot sale I need to have soon. Then remembering those other pairs of trousers I found that can also go in that heap of stuff ready for the boot sale and walking into the bedroom to find those trousers and taking them down to the room where the pile of stuff is waiting to be taken to a car boot and then seeing my treadmill is folded up against the wall but at an awkward angle. Stepping over the tangled wires and lamps and crap left on the floor by ‘Cam’s Studios’ to figure out what’s wrong with it I’ll spend 10 minutes messing with the treadmill only to find Cam and friends were messing with it and folded it up while it was still on incline. So I’ll get pissed off and go have a blast at Cam about messing with my stuff and leaving that crap all over the floor and while I’m stood in his bedroom I’ll notice a letter that I signed several days ago that he was meant to hand in at school laying on the floor under some shoes so I have a go about that too and decide I need cup of tea to calm my nerves. So I’ll wander downstairs into a haze of steamy looking, burnt smelling…………. FUUUCCCKKK PASTAAA!!!!!


These days are incredibly busy and I have a lot of exciting things going on but the fragments of spare time that I used to have when I had a partner left with him.. Even someone who wasn’t here all week managed to do a few random things that gave me a moment to sit and crank my thoughts out on this site. I’ve also made myself busier than ever this year by taking on more structured and serious training, more bike races of different disciplines and an NVQ3 to become a qualified Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer. I’m still working full time and have a stroppy teenager all to myself… It’s all great, I’m loving life but in the big scheme of things charcoal pasta is a fairly regular occurrence and in the order of being efficient and frugal I just invented a recipe called…..

‘Charcoal Tuna Pasta’.

Racing this year is going well. I won the first couple of warm up rounds prior to the main Mountain Biking series in the region and podiumed in 1st and 2nd places at the second and third main series events. I missed the first race as I was in the states again for a few weeks visiting Jim – albeit it not too much of a relaxing break after we covered around 300 miles on our road bikes in a week… a lot for me but great training and great times spent with someone I enjoy hanging out with.

Inspired by Jim I signed up for my first Criterium Race – a road race on road bikes. It goes a bit like this ..Group of riders (men and women) leave the start to carry out fast laps of a preset course for a pre-determined amount of time. First across the finish line wins… There are a lot of tactics and fitness required to do such a race.. and skills. Skills that require you don’t fumble your pedal on the start line, let the peloton get away and then spend 20 minutes blowing yourself to bits trying to catch them up. I changed my pedals after that incident – it wasn’t the only time I’d struggled with that particular make. However, the whole deal was sweetened when I discovered that I was 2nd of the three ladies that entered and I won £10!

Determined not to let it beat me I signed up for the local crit race series which happens on a week night over 6 weeks. The first race was awful -  I got dropped by the group on the first lap and then spent 30 minutes struggling around in hellish wind on my own only to get lapped by the leaders and finish ready to vomit (first) and then die of an asthma attack (second). The second race was a totally different kettle of fish taking lessons learnt from the previous two races I’d completed I got some great advice from Jim, put myself in a better position and let the group work for me like I hadn’t been able to before. It turned out to be a great race for me and I achieved in that race the goal I’d set out to achieve over 5 weeks… just to stay in the group for the full 30 minutes. Not only did I manage to stay in a group but I was positioned somewhere in the middle of the entire field.. far from last place! I just hope it wasn’t a fluke!

Following that race a local bike shop owner was impressed with my efforts and offered me a place on his team which I gladly accepted. It’s a great opportunity that will bring some new experiences my way. It also means I’m not so completely alone in my training and racing anymore. I’m excited about it… Now I have even more of a reason to push my abilities and do well.

So there we have it.. now that things are settling down a little bit I’m hoping to take advantage of a rare moment that I can get in here to dump my brain out. For now I better get on with getting ready for work and the boy ready for school…

That reminds me, I need to go and sort his packed lunch.. and that reminds me, we ran out of bread.. I’ll have to make him some Tuna Pasta to take.



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5 Responses to “Wow… 43mins To Spare”

  1. mrs hojo says:

    and… normal service resumes..


  2. Local Authority Slacker says:

    You are always missed……..Wench!

  3. Allison says:

    Sadly, I’ve served a lot of ‘Charcoal Tuna Pasta’ in my day…charcoal everything for that matter– with my specialty being ‘Charcoal Grill Cheese Sandwiches’. Sadly, my daughter is not a fan.

    Congrats on being invited to join a team!

  4. Mrs Hojo says:


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