Cabbage Soup Diet – Wednesday (Day 3)

Today was soup, fruit (except bananas) and vegetables (except potatoes).

I started breakfast with strawberries, blueberries, mango, grapefruit and an apple, shortly followed by some of the new batch of ‘Creole’ cabbage soup I made last night. I also chased my initial cup of tea down with water and a bit later I exchanged a couple of cups of tea with Liquorice tea.

During the remainder of the day I sat like a contented cow in a field grinding my jaw in a rhythmic motion to put away a packet of baby corns, mangetout, green beans, more fruit, more soup, fruit, veg, soup, rinse and repeat.

Stupidly I only took 2 canisters of soup with me to work and by 4pm I really needed a hit but I was out of soup so I continued to eat another apple and the remainder of the green beans.

And then I started getting a headache. It didn’t take me long to work out that I’d gone from 11am to 4pm without a proper cup of tea and I had the start of a caffeine headache kicking in. Also my stomach felt a little more bloaty and a little less satisfied from the empty calories I’d thrown in it during the day. I think the lack of about 5 cups of tea with milk during the day had not only given me a headache but had also left an empty feeling in the corner of my stomach. Note to self – give up one pleasure at a time woman!

By the evening I felt a bit more unsatisfied than previous days despite having downed two large bowls of soup and a Pear within the space of an hour of coming home. The dull headache was still kicking around and cooking Cam’s dinner – a lovely cheese omelet, with tomatoes and a fluffy brown bread roll with butter was a challenge of resolve. I reminded myself of my goal for the weekend – to be a lighter weight racer on Sunday and also my lovely dinner out that I was looking forward to on Saturday with the girls… and promptly passed the plate to Cam without so much as pinching a tiny mouthful.

Along with the caffeine headache and unsatisfied feeling my stomach bloated up like an air balloon today… and it doesn’t appear to be gas so I’m assuming it’s sheer volume of watery vegetables and fruit composting away in the pit of my soul ready to exit like a Jew from a hog roast.

At this point I had a look at some other nutrient information from My Fitness Pal iPhone App to see what I was good on and what I was lacking between Monday and today:

Carbohydrate intake has been over or at what it should have been for 2 out of 3 days.

Protein has been very low. Continuing at this level of protein for a prolonged period would really screw your body up.

Fat has been extremely low, barely reaching 30% what what I should take in during a day. I believe most of this fat has been coming from the semi skimmed milk in my tea so technically that shouldn’t even exist since although tea is allowed the plan doesn’t intend you to drink it with milk.

Calcium has been met or way exceeded every day.

Vitamins A and C have been over exceeded by 200-700% due to all the fruit and veg. If vitamin C boosts the immune system then I should be able to fight off every conceivable disease… with THIS finger. I should also have amazing night vision from the vitamin A overdose!

Sodium and Potassium have been fair to good. Both levels need to elevate for the weekend as I’ll be cramping during the race if they remain at the levels they are. I suspect the day of Bananas tomorrow will take care of Potassium levels for the rest of the year so no worries there.

Iron levels – are not great – Since Iron is found most abundantly in foods that contain protein and I haven’t had any protein, I’ve only been reaching 50% of the amount of Iron I need. Iron is responsible for taking oxygen to cells, keeping you from feeling tired and lethargic and also prevents you from becoming Anaemic. Since Vitamin A is the mobilising agent that takes Iron from storage to be utilised by the body, I’m wondering if Tuesdays energy was a result of my body using the huge amount of Vitamin A I’d eaten to quickly shove out any stores of Iron I had as a panic reaction to having not taken any Iron on in a couple of days.

By Wednesday evening I was feeling quite tired – whether this was due to the caffeine headache that had just not left me alone or due to low levels of Iron I didn’t know. I contemplated taking an Iron supplement but was a bit skeptical about doing that in conjunction with Banana day on Thursday – if ever there was a route to getting ‘packed up’ fast – Bananas, milk and Iron in large quantities is your one way ticket.

Weight 64.1kg 
Body Fat 28.1%
Visceral Fat 5
BMI 22.3
Muscle 32.1%

Waist 26.5″
Hips 38″
Thigh 20″
Calf 13.50″

Ok, here we go – recorded on Day 4, looking back on Day 3.

YouTube Preview Image

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6 Responses to “Cabbage Soup Diet – Wednesday (Day 3)”

  1. mrs hojo says:

    …which reminds me, do you have a toilet door?


    • Foxsden says:

      LOL… yes, the missing bathroom door was finally installed after just over a year without one! .. I can’t believe you remember that.. The details you must have about me stored away in your head! LOL

  2. Suburban Mum says:

    ooh, hello! I was wondering where you’d gone x

  3. mrs hojo says:

    Have you really not blogged in all this time? :( or did I miss something.

    Missed you, thats all xc

    • Foxs Den says:

      Helloooo… Yes I really haven’t blogged.. but I’m about to.. Thanks for missing me, it made me feel all warm and fluffy…

  4. mrs hojo says:

    thank god for that! :o ) x

    warm and fluffy? you? are you taking the piss xx

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