Cabbage Soup Diet – Tuesday (Day 2)

Today was soup, any vegetables and baked potato day.

Eating vegetables for breakfast wasn’t the most exciting thing I’ve ever done although I’ve eaten weirder food for breakfast so I didn’t completely turn my nose up as the first Mangetout slipped passed my lips.

I managed 4 bowls of soup today and I also did an hour run and 75 mins in the gym. I’d taken a banana (oooh taboo) with me to the gym in case I needed something to stop me flagging between running and working out but I didn’t need it, neither did I eat it. I stayed satiated and drank two large bottles of water until I returned home where I actually looked forward to eating more soup, even though I was greeted on the other side of my front door by the waft of a freshly baked pizza that Cam had eaten for dinner.

Earlier in the day I’d chomped my way through Baby Corns, Mangetout, Green Beans, fresh Peas, Baby Carrots, Samphire, Cucumber and Spinach/Rocket leaves, topping it all off in the afternoon with more soup and a gorgeous buttery baked potato. And that son of a bitch hit my stomach like a lead brick making my stomach cramp uncomfortably for over an hour. It felt like the potato had been the gate crasher in a party of cabbage and they’d all ganged up to kick the hell out of the fluffy white intruder who’d turned up wearing trainers to a black tie event. That fight continued for a couple of hours before subsiding…..and being drowned in tea. I Think maybe I shouldn’t have woofed it down quite so fast.

I felt fantastic today and I had more energy than I’ve had in a while.

So, upon waking on Day 3 – what are the results from Day 2′s cabbagey eatathon?

Weight 64.1kg
Body Fat 28.8%
Visceral Fat 5
BMI 23.0
Muscle 31.1%

Waist 27″
Hips 38″
Thigh 20.25″
Calf 13.75″

So, we can see there was a drop in weight, body fat, BMI, hips and thigh measurements. Most pleasingly Muscle mass stayed the same.
I still haven’t experienced any bad smelling side effects, I’m not gassy or bloated and despite having read about people experiencing constipation I can report things are running as per timetable here!

You can sleep now knowing that last fact…

Video – recorded on day 3 looking back on day 2.

YouTube Preview Image

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