Cabbage Soup Diet – Monday Day 1

So Monday was my first day on the diet.


I’m blown away by how wrong I had this plan.. and not literally ‘blown away’ either so let me go ahead and address that point.

NO GAS.. That’s right, so far I’ve had no gas at all. Do you know how many opportunities to wrestle with Cam and fart on his head that’s allowed me to miss? NUMEROUS. I’m wondering if this is anything to do with having forgotten to put the green beans in the soup although I hardly think so… more on that revelation in the video.

Ok, so the facts – I haven’t been in the slightest bit hungry, I haven’t craved sweets, I fairly happily refused the biscuit tin at work several times, I’ve had more energy than I’ve had in weeks – (WTF?), I’ve felt in a really elevated mood AND crucially I’ve been able to carry out a 50 minute work out on my bike on the turbo trainer without feeling weak or hungry. I also woke up with a lovely flat, non bloated stomach for the first time in a while. I’ve been suffering with all sorts of stomach problems lately which I can only link to eating certain combinations of foods including museli and bread.

The soup itself is really good and I’m enjoying eating it. Although, by the 3rd bowl on day one I was looking forward to it about as much as the average person would look forward to a visit from their mother in law but once I started eating it I enjoyed it. What I have missed today is eating something crunchy like nuts or a cereal bar. Fruits and soup generally are soft and the crunch of an apple wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

I managed 3 bowls of soup and a lot of fruit on day one. Consumed a hellishly low 963 calories which is way under the recommended lowest you go for dieting. 370 calories were burned up by exercise which left me with a net total of 593 calories. This is STUPIDLY LOW, pretty much starvation and under no circumstances would any professional/Nutritionist/Doctor condone this since it’s actually less than half of what my Basal Metabolic Rate (the amount your body needs just to function without doing anything). Given that figure I fully expect my body to start eating away at it’s own muscle…

So why carry on?

Because I’m really curious and I want to see the end result and given that I’m not suffering/hungry/lacking energy and I’m monitoring the results carefully via my Body Analysis Scales, measurements, weight and how I’m feeling/functioning I know I’m in control. I also know that in September I won a duathlon after not having eaten anything for 4 days and suffering the worst stress of my life… therefore, the body is tougher than we give it credit for. This is also only a short term thing so no lasting damage will be done.

Day ONE body stats:
(First thing in the morning, naked, after the loo and before food or drink)

Weight 65.0kg
Body Fat 29.2%
Visceral Fat 5
BMI 23.3
Muscle 31.1%
Waist 27″
Hips 39″
Thigh 20.75
Calf 13.75

Bad news: I lost weight but the measurements show I gained fat and lost muscle. Could this be, I wonder, a direct result from not having enough protein to fund the exercise? I’ll continue to monitor.

This video has been recorded on Tuesday – Day 2 retrospectively looking at Day 1.

YouTube Preview Image

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2 Responses to “Cabbage Soup Diet – Monday Day 1”

  1. mrs hojo says:

    chavs! only you could work chavs into a film about soup :o )

    nice necklace btw.

    I think I could cope with anything there, but not the licorice, blech….

    interesting though


  2. Steve Dosher says:

    Hi Ren,
    I really loved this item especially the video, very interesting and informative. Liked the touch of humour – ‘mange tous Rodney’ as well!

    I hope to discuss this with you on Friday, if there’s time.

    Steve x

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