Impending Awkward Moment

Driving on the long smooth road on the other side of the neighbouring village I slowed considerably to follow cautiously behind a bearded man who was riding a folding bike which had an unfeasibly lengthy head tube and ridiculous looking 12″ wheels. His cadence on the pedals was swift and purposeful and he wore perched on his back a massive, completely packed oblong shaped red rucksack. It was the kind of bag more suited to hiking in the wilderness and it looked heavy and cumbersome and I thought to myself how I resented using my 20 litre bag on my back to commute to work let alone his bag which was double the size. I wondered how much his arse hurt at that moment and if he’d wince at the pain between his shoulders when he removed his bag, the same pain I get, when he arrived at his destination. And if his back would be sweaty and his shirt wet as he appeared to be without the luxury of correct technical layers for such a ride at such an effort. I wondered if he’d stand up to reach the top of the upcoming hill or if he’d dismount and walk up or just grind the crankset using the weight of that bag to lunge forward with each down stroke of the pedals.
Slightly ahead of him riding a much more suitable tourer style bike was a man wearing a bright yellow hi-viz jacket and woolly hat. He appeared to be extending quite an effort to keep up a reasonable pace yet the Rucksack Man was closing the 50 metre gap between them rather quickly. And looked as though it was his purpose to do so.
At a clear safe spot I manoeuvred my car onto the other side of the road in order to give both men plenty of room. I passed Rucksack Man and within seconds passed Hi-Viz Man. Checking back in my rear view mirror I smirked and thought how monumentally shit it was going to be for Hi-Viz man to get rinsed by a bearded man wearing a checked shirt, beige trousers and the worlds largest rucksack onboard a shonky steel frame bike that may as well have been mounted on shopping trolley casters.
That impending moment was going to be awkward.


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